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530 Industrial Drive
Zebulon, NC 27597
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Welcome to K.A.M. Tool and Die!

We are a full service facility with the capability to fabricate and repair Dies, Jigs, and Fixtures.

Our Company specializes in Wire EDM Machining with an accuracy of +/- .0001. With our six Mitsubishi EDM Machines, we can perform high speed anti-electrolysis (AE) power supply machining to eliminate hardness caused by electrolytic deterioration. This process greatly enhances the life of metal dies. The CX20 and FX Series have many special features such as, Corner-Master, which give highly precise corner path control, and a precise taper machining device.

We are experienced in all types of Fabrication and Repair of both Dies and Molds. At the side you will find an equipment list which highlights the many services we can offer your company.

K.A.M.'s ultimate goal is to provide high quality Tool and Die service at competitive costs. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction while offering a highly technical service. We appreciate your interest in K.A.M. Tool & Die, Inc. and would like to talk with you in the near future to discuss ways we can help meet your tooling needs. If you should have any questions, Please feel free to contact us or stop by our plant.


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